Most creative campaign 

Taking on this task of trying to establish one of the best campaigns within the advertising industry was difficult. I had so many favorites and so many that I just didn’t understand. After watching many and more for what seemed like countless hours, I finally found what I believe to be the most creative campaign: Dos Equis- Most Interesting Man in the World. 

I know that you have seen this commercial at least once in it’s entire time running  the commercial scene. Jonathan Goldsmith, the perfect star for the campaign, who is something for 20-something’s to look up to and to aspire to be like and not feel threatened by his appearance. Although his accomplishments such as, “If he were to pay you on your back, you would list it on your resume.”. 

The company not only came up with a spectacular face for it’s brand, but they also came up with a catchy tag line to add to it’s product, ” I don’t always drink beer,but when I do, I prefer Dos Equis…stay thirsty, my friends” this tag line that the company trademarked for itself implys that they don’t need to be your always drink or your fancy drink, they want to be your BEER. 

I feel that this campaign is very creative in the sense that it has accomplished what it was set out to do and so much more. It is important for the customer to know that they don’t always have to choose  their product while drinking but to choose it as their beer product.


Amazon: My Favorite Website is one of my favorite websites because it allows me to do a lot of different things in all one place. I have grown to love and cherish this website especially for the different aspects it allows it users to do. Amazon mom and amazon prime have allowed amazon to expand it’s company unlike any other.

By allowing customers to sign up for amazon prime or mom it has opened doors to a whole new way of shopping. Amazon mom allows it’s users to but baby products at a discounted price. This is ideal for the average mother now a days who tries to stretch her pennies as far as she can. 

Amazon prime allows users to download and stream videos, tv shows, movies, etc. You pay a small price to gain access to these titles. This expansion of amazon to it’s customers helps prevent pirating of these very wanted titles, giving money to those who have worked to make them possible. 

Amazon is really a great way to expand your internet shopping experience and I am an avid member of both Prime and Mom. The access to these products has changed a whole new way of how I shop for my favorite products, usually at a discounted price. I appreciate amazons expansion of it’s services. 

Sleep like a bear: Best Advertisement 

When your in college sometimes your just wanting to get a good nights sleep after a long week of cramming for exams and last minute papers. Sometimes even if you do get to bed at a decent time it seems that your mind will not allow you to sleep. Insomnia at it’s best. I know that after a long week I crave my bed and down comforter. 

I feel that this ad by NyQuil developing a product to help specifically as a sleep aid is very smart. I know I am guilty of taking NyQuil without being sick just to get a good nights rest. The depiction of the man sleeping “like a bear” is very intriguing to me because I want nothing more than to sleep like that also. 

The setting of the ad also contributes to it’s affectiveness in the sense of dark and cozy it appears, kind of like a bears den. 

To me this is the best ad that I found that was not make up or clothing that was effective to me. 

My Favorite Possession

Have you ever loved an object so much that you just have to tell the world about it? Well that’s how I feel about this face wash system by Clinique. I went into Macy’s attempting to buy my usual foundation and mascara and came out with this awesome 3-step blemish control wash system and no make up. Simply because I do not need to wear it anymore. This product starts out with a light foamy wash as it’s first step to open your pores for the real kahuna the clarifying lotion to come in and literally make your skin sparkle. The clarifying lotion is not even a lotion it’s more of a liquid that you dab into your skin. It will take away any imperfections and prevent future blemishes. The third step is one of my favorites, the repairing lotion. This stuff I use somedays on it’s own. The finish of the repairing lotion leaves your skin with a dew like appearance. So even on my laziest of lazy days I can feel beautiful with just a small amount of the lotion. I truly love this stuff and it is worth every dime. I feel that this system developed by Clinique appeals to the busy lifestyle of many college students, moms, or business women. It is a quick routine that fits into most anyone’s schedule and a rewarding one at that.



Everything a Kitten is to Know

So most everybody knows how I love cats! I love everything about them, I mean how can you not? Fluffy and cuddly little creatures they are. One day my own sweet Mister man will give the new kitten of the house this talk, or at least I hope he will. And of course beware of the Vak-um 🙂